Thursday, October 25, 2012

I got promoted! I am 表哥 now!!

Finally after so many bad things happened at home, we finally have some good news!!  We all got promotion except 奶奶啦, haha!  Uncle Gaius is now a Daddy and Aunty Elain is a Mummy le!!  Let me introduce their baby son....Gaius Junior!  See 奶奶 so happy??  Mummy told us she refused to put the baby down, keep carrying and holding him :)  

So now Mummy, Uncle Alex and us got promoted to:

1) Mummy - 大姑妈 (LOL!)
2) Uncle Alex - 大伯 (think he will FAINT! HAHA!)
3) Cookie Gor Gor - 大表哥
4) me - 小表哥

So so happy and wish we can see baby Gaius Junior soon!  Congrats to Uncle Gaius and Aunty Elain! The coolest and cutest new parent! 

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