Monday, November 12, 2012

My little Scrabby :)

Scrabby Mummy will take over the keyboard and blog on behalf of Scrabby today :)

Hmmm...Little Scrabby...I just realised he is actually not that little anymore huh...he should be around 8 yrs old or even older today...just that in my eyes, he seems to be forever small and little...did not grow up at all :)

I have Cookie staying at mom's place before I brought Scrabby back around 7 yrs ago ...thru out the years, he did not seem to grow at all and I am not only talking abt his size lah.  Well his weight did increase from the initial 2.4kg to 5.4kg ...his tummy is round round now and his ears...Well dun ask me why...recently his ears seem to grow BIGGER even bigger then Mickey Mouse lor! HAHA!  I am talking abt his mentality and maturity here...yeah you must be thinking I am JOKING lor...dogs will have mentality and maturity de meh huh?! LOL...well at least for Cookie...he has indeed matured alot and really become a very independent and stable old boy for Scrabby...he never seem to grow up!

Let me see...:

1) he never get sick of playing fetch!  the toys that he used to play with had changed from balls to toy giraffe but still he plays fetch daily (at least 6 times) with us

2) he still very girly (姑娘) when it comes to pain..his tolerance for pain is zero!  Little bit of pain, he will scream the roof down and I am not exaggerating at all ok!  He had some slight abrasion on his front right paw 3 days ago...and he so drama mama big time.  He will lift up his front paw and show to everyone (including strangers during walks) and whine big time...he refuse to walk coz it hurts and wanted to be carried.  Even when Cookie wants to disturb him for a fight, he just sat there with his front  right paw raised up if his gor gor understands his paw pain pain and he cannot fight? Wah phiang...I dunno whether to laff or cry when I saw that...he is damn drama...think he can be a good actor hor? HAHA...when I bring him to the vet, he will scream so loud that all the other dogs waiting to see the vet ...sudden u can imagine how malu I feel?? *roll eyes*

3) he is still super afraid of thunder..the moment sky turns dark, he will be on high alert mode.  Cant sit or sleep properly and will run all over the house, trying to find a safe place to hide from the thunder

4) he is still a bully to other dogs in the neighbourhood, whenever he sees his buddies he will be super friendly but when he sees some that he dislike...he will snarl and bark at them.  Same goes for new comers to the neighbourhood, he will try to act alpha and wanted to bully..but if the newcomer proves to be stronger and tougher..Scrabby will then hide his tail between his butt and backs he is just a coward and bully right? HAHA

5) he still bully his Cookie gor gor at all times...pushing him away while he wants to eat/drink/play...lucky Cookie usually let Scrabby have his way...if not..big fights daily...

6) he still wants things to be done his way...he hates to be kissed/ if we try to do that..he will fight us lor

Scrabby ah...Mummy hopes you will never change though...we love you for the way you are...your tummy always have issues and I really hope you will be healthy and live life to the fullest ok?  Mummy also wants to thank you for being here whenever I need you :)

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