Friday, November 23, 2012

Alamak! Its 小强!!!

Hmmmm..for those non chinese speaking readers, you must be wondering WTH is 小强 right?  Well...its and Cookie Gor Gor is super afraid of it!!! Yeah DUN LAFF ok...I know dogs suppose to chase and play with roaches and lizards but we are just simply terrified of them...esp those that fly!!  *SHUDDER*

Whenever we spot them, we will go and hide ...either under the dining table or in the bedroom or wherever that is far away from them...till Mummy kills them!!!! Must KILL!

Scrabby Mummy - ok to be fair to the 2 boys, I have to say they are afraid of lizards and roaches coz 奶奶 is super afraid of them.  Whenever my mom sees them, she will scream the roof down and tell the boys to run...therefore in their mind, lizards and cockroaches are like monsters?? HAHA...whenever we meet cockroach during our walks, the boys will freeze and refuse to move.  They will never walk straight towards the cockroach but opt to go around it...get the picture?  If not, hope the pic below will give you a better idea..:P

Btw, I think they are super afraid of one more thing too!!  The CANE! HAHA...:P

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