Friday, April 19, 2013

A no win discussion

Mummy have lower back problem due to an injury when she was in her 20s.  She cant carry heavy items and will feel intense pain if she does imagine she have to carry Gor Gor..who is topping the scale of nearly 9kg!!  奶奶said Gor Gor is heavier then a packet of rice!  We've been trying to cut Gor's diet by changing the kibbles to senior dog food and also no more rice BUT he tends to get really hungry and suffers from gastric issues i.e. vomit.  Then we tried to make him exercise more BUT due to his age, he has joint issues and cant walk or run for too long or too fast!  So its never a win win situation.  The other day Mummy was lying down on the flat floor due to back pain after showering us and she decided to have a *SWEET* talk to Gor abt him losing weight.  From the video, I am sure all of you will agree with me that Mummy lost the battle right from the beginning!  Gor's eyes were rolling about and he just simply ignored Mummy!  Poor Mummy...but Scrabby good boy...I will maintain my weight at 4.8kg so I am not too heavy for you, is that ok? :)

Oh Mummy is speaking to Gor in Chinese coz he dun really understand you know why I am the one who blogs? Hehe

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