Friday, May 3, 2013

New Mini House

I've received a lovely gift today!  Well its supposed to be Big Foot's gift but she cant get in and so they passed it over to me!  Well...this will teach Big Foot and Gor a lesson, keep yourself slim!  Pls go on a diet lah! LOL! hahahahhaha!

The mini house is totally lovely and suits me just fine!  Take a look!

I am so happy resting inside my new house!  Dun I look handsome??! *GRIN*

While I was taking a drinking break, I heard Mummy and 奶奶 laffing and giggling I ran out and guess what I saw...

LOL!  Gor Gor is trying his best to squeeze into the house!  But sadly, his head and neck got stuck (He too FAT!) and after struggling, he just gave up and lie there...with his head still inside!  FUNNY right?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!  


  1. wow~cute dog~i just come across your blog and find so cute i can play with them all day long!~they are so happy when i have time to play with them. like little babies~
    shall we follow each other?

    pls let me know if you want to i will follow u back!lol