Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh My!! Its really Pawlicious!!!

Mummy received an invitation to her friend's new shop opening ceremony last week, she got really excited!  This is the invitation card :)

Mummy was hoping to find transportation so we can go together..taking a taxi is a big headache for me...Coz I notti boy lah...refused to go into doggie bag lor...BUT its so HOT inside the bag ma....When its finally Sunday and we thot we cant make it le then Aunty K came to our rescue!!  Finally I can go in Aunty K's car to the party le!!  Mummy told me Pawlicious is a Pet Bakery that sells awesome doggie treats!!  Oh...I cant wait man!!  I was drooling all the way to the shop lor..

I was not disappointed when we reached the shop...take a look at all the pics I took!

See!!  Aunty J (Mummy's friend) received so many pretty flowers to congratulate her on the opening of the Bakery :)

Next, besides humans, the shop is full of doggie pals too!  But I was too SHY to go near them..hehe..wait..see if you can spot me in the pic! HAHA!

Ok..I am really feeling hungry le...lets proceed to the FOOD!!!  Humans...pls BACK OFF! LOL!

All the food is baked and cooked by Aunty J and her biz partners!  And they are all meant for doggies!!  Pretty awesome right??!!  My fav are the apple pies and paw cake!  So yummy!!

BURP...oops..sorry!  But the food is really nice lor!  Its all natural...no sugar, no salt, no butter, no yeast, no preservatives and no artificial flavorings!

Oh before I forget..let me intro the Mascot of Pawlicious....can you see her??  She is on all the posters wor!  Oh Mummy heard these posters were drawn by Aunty J too!  She is so talented huh!

Can you tell??  Who is the Mascot??  Ok ok...let the drums roll.....let me intro ...Bully Jie Jie!

She is so cute and happy that day....She likes to eat..hmmm...she sounds like my Cookie Gor Gor lor....she came to my Mummy when she saw Mummy have pork liver balls and cupcake in the plate...Mummy fed her and she is so guai, waiting patiently for the snacks!  :)

Doggie pals...ask your daddy and mummy to buy the delicious treats lah...u sure wont regret de!  Trust Scrabby!

Pawlicious' online store is now open!  Do visit them at www.pawliciousbakery.wix.com/pawlicious or you can follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pawliciouspetbakery

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