Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I certainly feel like a VERY IMPORTANT PET! :)

Yesterday my Mummy suddenly decided its time I go for a grooming.  Think she no longer can tahan my messy hairdo lah..well its time I go for a *hair cut* too...the last time I went was almost 6 months ago ok!  Tsk Mummy had been so busy with 奶奶 and work that she did neglect me lor...

There's a new grooming place nearby and Mummy decided to bring me over to try out...It was a very HOT afternoon but I was very comfy and almost dozing off...coz Mummy use a new carrier to bring me over...SEE!!

Cool right??!!  Uncle A bought this for me! :)

Ok after a long walk, we finally reached our destination!

The shop's name is V.I.P Pawlour - Very Important Pets Pawlour...hmmm..seem very sweet and cozy from outside...let us take a look inside!

This *thing* caught my eyes instantly!!  What the hell is that??!  I start to get worry liao..kept tilting my head up and stare at Mummy! I going to go inside that *thing*??!  But Mummy was smiling, she dun seem worried??!  Mummy was going nuts over the decor of the shop...well...coz its in PINK!  Her fav. colour lor!

I met Jie Jie R...*shy*...she is so pretty lor..and she is so gentle too...There was another dog inside the shop too...Jie Jie R was talking ...oh so gently to him...heard his name is Sparky....hmmm...ok...I feel more reassured now....a good start....and I start to SMILE ...

Soon grooming session starts....

Me ..about to be groomed....see me smiling??...hehe...well ...I feel safe with Jie Jie R :)

Next you will see me ..ahem...taking my bath...

Frankly...I hate BATH...I really DO....hate getting wet....but Jie Jie R...she is forever so patient!  She keeps telling Mummy that I am GUAI...where my Mummy is the one who kept insisting on *spoiling* my reputation!

Ok..I look like a RAT....a very WET one too!  LOL!

Grouchy face coz its ....facing the horrible and noisy *monster*....a very big PINK blower!!

Well...almost finishing....:)

And I am DONE!!  But Mummy just kept laffing lor...she say my ears...they look like Boomerang!!  Now my dear paw and hooman friends...what say you?  Do I look strange??  I think I look rather CUTE leh! *Hao Lian* face...hehe

Before and After Grooming Shot....:)..I certainly look so so much NEATER lor! :)

I will definitely come visit SOON..coz Jie Jie R is so 温柔 and patient, she NEVER raise her voice at DIFFERENT from my Mummy lor!!  But hey!  I still LOVE my Mummy lah! :)

Paw Friends - ask your Daddy and Mummy to bring you over to V.I.P for *haircut*!

V.I.P Pawlour
85A Toa Payoh Lorong 4
Contact: 9438 0188 (Jie Jie - Ms Rocher Ang)

They open daily from 9am to 8pm (closed on PH)

Try to find them on:
VIPpawlour on Instagram & Twitter

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