Thursday, March 20, 2014

Something sweet to share

Sorry folks for MIAing for so long, medical appointments and work commitments all add up.  Time passes by so quickly that its amazing!  At times I even think I forgot to breathe....

Anyway though life's been hectic to the humans...the cute couple is enjoying their time as much as they can.

Sharing a few of their lovely pics with all the readers :)

This shot was taken on Valentine Day :)...Scrabby gave his sweetheart a cute red bow (Ahem...of coz its bought with my $$ lah)

This shot...Big Foot have a super grouchy face huh?  While Scrabby is posing so nicely...machiam like a groom nor? LOL!

Big Foot still looking bua song here....:P

After playing, both like half dead...*roll eyes*

Think they very 老夫老妻 liao....

Cant help but to envy carefree ....:)

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