Friday, March 15, 2013

Something we DUN LIKE....bath!

Hey fellow doggie you like bath???  Me and Gor really DISLIKE getting a bath!  But Mummy say our MAN SCENT (男人味) is super STRONG and we MUST have our bath!

But Mummy...Scrabby knows you have a bad will pain pain after you give us our bath its really OK we dun get our bath..we sacrifice!!  See we so 伟大!!!

Scrabby Mummy - Its ok as long as both of you have short coat!  Which is why I brought them to *cut hair* again....their groomer is really good!  Just this time, I requested Scrabby no longer look like Mickey Mouse!  Haha, read about the previous blog and you will understand what I meant about Mickey Mouse Look!

New *Hairstyle*

Guess we cant escape our bath le....ok let me watch over Gor while he gets ready for his bath..Mummy will shower him first coz he is SENIOR...must respect him lor

I stand guard before Gor gets his bath :)
After Gor's bath, I am still guarding him hehe!

After our bath, Mummy need to use the hairdryer to blow us dry...its very important coz we might have skin issues if we are not totally dry..

Me waiting for the horrible and scary hairdryer....:(
From my sulky face, you can guess how much I dislike it!

Of coz after our bath, we both smell super nice and fresh lah...Mummy use this to shower us, it makes our fur really nice and soft

Scrabby Mummy - its really tiring and painful to bath both of them due to my bad back but well guess I have no choice...after their bath, they both smell so GOOD that it's worth all the effort! :)

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