Wednesday, November 6, 2013

猫咪? 我吗??!!

ok today I am REALLY UPSET! Guess what??!! A granny today asked if I am a CAT!!!! Excuse me!! Do I look like a cat huh??! insulted...which part of me look like a CAT??!! tell me pls!!

Sulking BIG TIME!

So tell I look like a CAT huh???!  :(

Scrabby Mummy:  Ok guess I better step in with some explanation since Scrabby is so upset...We were at the Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens this morning...brought Nai Nai there for her exercise.  Most of the senior citizens at the centre are having health issues and I guess the granny who said Scrabby is a Cat is suffering from dementia or major degeneration issues.  Its a pretty sad sight coz Singapore's population is aging really fast.  I just pray that Nai Nai wont say Scrabby is a cat too....cross fingers...

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